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Dave Grohl gives airplane to girls little league team. Team doesn’t know what to do with it.

Dave Grohl buys airplane for little league team

Dave Grohl buys airplane for little league team

Breeze, Wyoming pop.280

Dave Grohl, the nicest guy in Rock, living up to his name, had a thirty six passenger plane delivered to Coach James Haskall. Haskall coaches the Little Sundevils Girls Summer Softball League.

Haskall said “I don’t really know why he sent it. We play all of our games at the same field. Our oldest girl is 12. We really don’t to fly to games. We play at the park.

“Plus it cost a lot to fuel it and we have to find somewhere to park it.” said Haskall. “Our annual budget for the entire year is $300. We usually just take the kids to Pizza Hut”

“No one really knows how to fly it so we pull it with a tractor when the town throws its annual Halloween parade. The girls climb on the wings and throw candy, stuff like that. Santa is pulled into town in it…”

“The girls have a lot of fun steering it and making airplane noises.”

The Little Sun Devils softball team

The Little Sun Devils softball team

What series of events led to Grohl buying the girl’s a plane?

“Well…” said Haskall, as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“I met Dave Grohl at the Cracker Barrel out on Rt 56, ya see. He was standing in the store scooping free ice cream for everyone who ordered pie. My wife thanked him, as we had ordered pie ourselves. While he was scooping the free ice cream on to our pie my wife said ‘We gotta eat fast Dave, we have to run.”

Dave asked why. My wife said, “Were picking up the kids from the airport. If we hurry, the kids won’t miss their ball game.”

“I guess he thought the kids had to travel from the airport which is two hours away in Beaut, to the game and back. Truth be told, the kids were visiting their Uncle Ray in Billings Wyoming. They were coming home, if the plane was on time our two girls, Maude, and Donna Lee, would be home in time to make it to their ball game at the ball diamond across the street.”

“We’re really not sure what to do with it. We don’t want to sell it. It was a gift. We don’t have anywhere to put it. No one can fly it and even if we could, we really have nowhere to go. What we really could use is a new riding lawn mower. The old one is on its last legs, and we don’t have the money to get a new one. The grass gets pretty high out there in that ball field if ya don’t keep up on it.”

Dave Grohl was unavailable for comment.


7 thoughts on “Dave Grohl gives airplane to girls little league team. Team doesn’t know what to do with it.

  1. So funny I cried!!!!! I was reading it to my husband and he asked to reread the last part again because I was laughing and crying at the same time…… sir are a funny man!!!


    • Weekee. I do a lot of crying too when I write. The doctor says the meds will help. Ya wanna know a secret. It cracked me up when I wrote it. Snicker. You made my day. Follow along. I think I have a few more ideas.


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