Monday, March 30, 2015

THIS IS NOT A MUSIC PAGE. This is not a Nirvana or Foo Fighters page. This page does not reflect upon Dave’s musicianship, past achievements or songwriting. He is to be commended for all. It is meant for satirical purposes ONLY.

No More Dave Grohl and the magazine/blog known as “grohl” sprung from what seemed to me, a constant barrage of Dave Grohl articles.

I started lampooning Dave to my friends. Then it spread out a little, and I wrote an article entitled “Clay Aiken refused service at Dave Grohl’s Indianapolis eatery”

The article went viral. I have had 130,000 hits and counting. This is big enough that now I bet Dave and Clay think I hate them, or want to ruin their good thing. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Let me state a few facts; I don’t hate Dave Grohl. While just a casual listener I realize the stamp he has put on rock music with Nirvana and then with the Foo Fighters. Lightning struck twice, and deservedly so.

Dave seems to have taken up the torch as the voice of rock music. This I don’t agree with. Rock and roll doesn’t need validation. It won’t die as long as there are guitars, drums, and angst ridden youth. There is no shortage of that.

I don’t feel Dave is homophobic, cruel, or uncaring. In my opinion, he may be taking this everyday rock star thing a little too far. After all, you made it. Go ahead and put in the pool. No one will blame you. I’ll bring my trunks and a few beers.

Dave, I hope you are a good sport, you have nothing but respect here. But I will probably still write bogus articles.

Clay you are a fine talent and seem to be a good man. Good luck in your political future.

Any other celebrities I may and will bring up, isn’t out of hate, it’s just because your author has a fucked up sense of humor. I write for myself and a few friends. This has been over whelming to say the least. I’m glad you enjoy it.

Last fact; Dave doesn’t own a hotdog stand in the Circle Center Mall in Indianapolis. But it would be cool if he did.

The Gov. Of Indiana is an asshole.

Hi Dave!!!! Hey Clay!!!

Best wishes


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Sammy, what’s happening? Hey remember you effectively ran me off your reservation here a while back because I’m a trumpster?

    Anyway, just to see how you are doing with the new man in town in the next 48 days or so ready to fix this dump.

    Well, try to stay off ledges and shit like that it’ll be better in the end now.

    Ps…it’s good to be right!

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    • Ha. I do remember. I’m not so sure about right. Your boy has broken all the things you voted for.

      No wall, No Hillary prison, No totally ditching Obama Care, Not deporting 3 million illegals… But he has managed to piss off China and surround himself with lobbyists.

      Do you ever feel like you’ve been cheated?

      I’m all for it. He won fair and square. He’s been handed a solid economy so let’s see what he can do with it…

      You are still a dufus for voting for that dumb bastard.


      • Hey Sammy, what is happening? Yes, I agree, voters were duped again. All politicians suck. Who could argue with that, right? So, screw politics.

        Ok, two new things. First, it’s only rock and roll, right? Here is my favorite brand new band, Jakob’s Tier.

        This puppy is called, Society’s Child. I like this. Hope you do, too.

        They only have an EP out. They are recording their debut full length CD soon.

        Let me know what you think if you don’t mind.

        Also, if avpwrson reads my blog they will see that the prophecies of the two witnesses were delivered through anagrams, in part. I derived the following statement, realized it was an anagram, and solved it in about five minutes. I’m trying to see if anyone else can do the same. Not sure what kind of fan base you have but if anyone can generate a lucid, grammatically correct statement out of it I’d like to see. It is my contention they can’t, for reasons that are sure to make you roll those eyeballs. Here it is:


        Like I said, a grammatically correct, lucid sentence is all that’s allowed.

        Hey, take care man. Don’t forget, all politicians suck. Only a fool chooses a side. My dislike for all the current losers in Washington forced me to choose Trump, probably just to piss those establishment leeches off. Looks like that was a success but on to other things now. Take care, have a great day of freedom. Jacob


  2. Actually, I am from Naptown, and Dave Grohl does have a hot dog joint in the Circle Center Mall. I have to say this – Indianapolis has much better hot dogs than Chicago. Chicago is always sucking up to Indy and stealing its laurels. That’s because Indy has culture, and Chicago is so white bread. Think about all of the massively successful rock bands that have come out of Indy, then name ONE band that has ever made it big out of Chicago? YOU CAN’T DO IT!!

    If that doesn’t convince you – remember how the Colts handed the Bears asses back to them tied in a bow a few Super Bowls ago?

    I rest my case.

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  3. Whatever. Dave Grohl is a perfect example of how you can be anything and everything in this world simply by being in the right place at the right time. The Ringo Starr of our generation, if you will. Nirvana were terrible, and Foo Fighters are even worse.

    How do you get Dave Grohl to sing for you? Put some peanut butter on his gums. Then kick him in the teeth and go listen to someone that doesn’t suck, sing.


    • Hey Bad! Thanks for replying. You said something I’d just like to expound on. He was in the right place at the right time…But the biggest part of that is having the talent.

      The cat didn’t win a game show. He slept on floors, did van tours for a long time. He put himself in that scene, he made a name for himself,and then the right band, the right place, the right time.

      I’m a professional musician and have done a ton of road work. I might not like seeing his mug, or his humble stories, or like his tunes (I’m a casual listener. I really only know a few. I liked em.)They seem like rock tunes to me. I think he’s a killer drummer.

      Thats all I had to say. I don’t want to act like you have to like him. I’m just saying you gotta have the chops when opportunity came knocking.


  4. The cartoonist, Clay Jones, is a huge Nirvana and Foo Fighter fan and loves this page. I’m really glad your cleared up that Dave doesn’t own a mall food court in Indianapolis selling “the best, the best, the best” Chicago style hot dogs.


    • Clay, I’m glad your friend digs the site. Tell him Thanks, I’m glad you wrote too.

      I’ve been corrected many times by haters saying that there is no hotdog cart next to Panda Express. I Think it’s a lie brought on by the far Right and Panda Express.

      I’m heading to your site now!


  5. I enjoyed the Aiken / Grohl piece. i have an odd sense of humor … and it seems to align with yours (and your friends). I’m going to bookmark this website.

    Fwiw, I’m in my mid-60s and made my living as a scriptwriter for a dozen years.


    • No fair being a pro. I’m in my mid 40’s and have been a guitar player my whole life. It makes ya feel not so alone knowing there are more wack jobs like us out there. Definitely keep in touch. I’ll be hitting you up for pointers.

      Rock On!


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