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Islamic Extremists adopt the Confederate Flag as their symbol


Hayden Boss Fri, Dec 16 12:25 PM PST

This morning in a tape played on Al Jazeera TV, the Islamic extremist group ISIS has adopted a version of the American Civil War, Confederate Flag™ as a symbol of their own rebellion.


Although similar the flags are not identical. The ISIS flag has fourteen stars as opposed to thirteen stars. Each representing one of the fourteen Commandments given to the Zaki Zayd Faruk Abdullah by Muhammad by the waters of the Amazon.

President Elect Donald Trump replied in a tweet to ISIS. “So ISIS wants 2 use the confederate flag as their symbol. u go ahead. it was a losers flag anyway.”


When asked if there would be any retribution against ISIS a small yet very organized group, Trump stated “No. What’s the point? The South voted for me. They don’t need another rebellion.”

“From what I heard, the people carrying that flag didn’t do to good. Fine, we let them keep it. It’ll make for an easy target. If we have learned nothing, we have learned that we don’t want terrorists on American soil. It’s just not good for the soil, or America.”


The Confederate Flag™ came under fire in 2015 for being flown on government grounds in many southern states. It was found unconstitutional according to the 34th Amendment stating “The United States of America holds no claim nor copyright of the Confederate Flag™ in any form. It will be covered by the Creative Commons Statute 23.75876M or until it is legally trademarked.”

The Amendment allowed for a loophole that ISIS  reportedly used to claim the Confederate Flag™ and have begun the international legal process to trademark the symbol world wide.


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