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Donald Trump to Dave Grohl “You were never in Nirvana”

Sunday, July 26, 2015

"I have to eat hotdogs instead of Panda Express because the bass player from Nirvana says so?! Not in my America"

“I have to eat hotdogs instead of Panda Express because the bass player from Nirvana says so?! Not in my America”

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is at it again, this time with Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl.

Trump’s campaign came to the Circle Center Mall in Indianapolis Indiana Saturday. Upon hearing Trump was in town, Grohl offered Trump and his entourage free hot dogs at his Indianapolis eatery “Dave Grohl’s The Best, The Best, The Best, Chicago Style Hotdog”

“Who the hell is Dave Grohl?” said Trump. “Nirvana? Dave Grohl was never in Nirvana. I’m having Panda Express.”

Grohl replied in a statement to the Indianapolis Sentinel Press, “I was too in Nirvana”

When confronted with the news that Grohl was definitely in Nirvana, Trump released his own rebuttal.

“So he claims he was in Nirvana. What this makes him a hero? If Nirvana was so great why aren’t they still making music? I thought his hero was ordinary. I’m not ordinary, I’m Donald Trump.”

“I’m gonna tell it to you straight, I don’t listen to Nirvana because the guitar player is dead. Does this make him a hero? No! There are millions of dead people in this world. I root for bands that have all living members.

Dave Grohl's the Best, the Best, the Best Chicago Style Hotdogs, Indianapolis, IN

Dave Grohl’s the Best, the Best, the Best Chicago Style Hotdogs, Indianapolis, IN

“I never said Dave Grohl wasn’t in Nirvana”

“Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, Rick Springfield… All heroes because they have died? We should forget about them. What did they ever do besides die? That’s what makes them heroes?

“I’m a New Yorker; we don’t need Chicago style hotdogs. We eat winner hotdogs. Panda Express is winner’s food. Not some dude who plays bass for the Nirvana.”

Grohl answered Trumps retort “I really was in Nirvana”

“All the facts aren’t in yet.” Said Trump “Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. That’s for spineless liberal media to decide. As far as I’ve seen, Dave was NOT in Nirvana. I tried calling Nirvana once. No one answered. Because there is no Nirvana. I want proof. Grohl is a nincompoop.”

“Dude, I’m not kidding, I was in Nirvana” Replied Grohl.

“Nirvana’s Never mind? Should have been called Nirvana–Never-Was”
Trump finished his speech and then ordered Beef and Broccoli with an extra spring roll from Panda Express.



While Donald Trump is amusing. Suicide is not. Tip of the hat to those people and musicians (musicians aren’t really people) who have passed away. Thanks for all you gave us and we lost you ALL too soon. To those suffering. You aren’t alone. Talk to a friend today. Rick Springfield is alive and well. 

Suicide Hotline

Suicide Hotline











11 thoughts on “Donald Trump to Dave Grohl “You were never in Nirvana”

  1. Lol this makes me like him even more. KKKlinton is busy winning over Hollywood with Timberlake and di Caprio. Trump couldn’t give a fuck. Cares about real issues affecting real people, Let’s MAGA!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jacob, I couldn’t with good conscience keep your links on my site. Trump has no redeeming qualities and this isn’t a free speech zone. So support who you want , just not here. You are fucking stupid for even considering it.


      • Jacob, I don’t think you realize how free speech works. You can say what you like, just not on my page. Understand how this works now? This liberal doesn’t recognize anything Trump or his supporters have to say because if they’ll gladly sign up to be the butt of the joke of the entire Earth, then they’ll say some stupid shit I don’t want to read on my page. They have no self respect or dignity. His #1 demographic is angry white men without an education. Maybe this is why I had to inform you on how free speech works.


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