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Dave Grohl Joins ‘The View’ Cast: Whoopi Goldberg Wants ‘Nirvana’ Star for Hosting Gig

The View with Dave Grohl

Grohl; “I’m excited to see if our menstrual cycles line up”

Is there about to be a new co-host joining the revolving door that is ABC’s The View? If it’s up to veteran panelist Whoopi Goldberg, there definitely could be. While Nicole Wallace, Rosie Perez and Whoopi have been joined by a slew of guest hosts on the panel since Rosie O’Donnell left the series back in January, it seems that one of the replacements has caught her eye so much that the Ghost actress wants to make her a permanent placement on the show. So which one of the stars does Whoopi want sitting next to her? Is it Naya Rivera, Mario Cantone or Dave Grohl?

According to Radar Online it’s so Dave, and it seems that Whoopi has been putting in a good word for the Nirvana star.

“Dave is Whoopi’s top pick to be the permanent new co-host and she’s shoving her choice down everyone’s throats,” a source close to production told the news site.

Show creator Barbra Walters says “We awe weawwy excited fow Dave to join the cast. I feew Amewica is weady to see the wowwd thwough the eyes of a muwti miwwion dowwaw Wock Staw.”

Barbra walters

Wock and Woww hasn’t been weaw wock since King Diamond. His wecowds awe so much bettew than anything Dave can do.

“I am a big fan of wock and woww music. Not so much Dave’s music. He’s no King Diamond.”

However, while Dave might seem like a shoe in for the position, as he would definitely help to draw in a middle of the road, adult oriented, kinda lame, and fickle pop rock audience to the series, it seems that he isn’t as polished as the show’s execs would like.

“Dave needs a lot of work,” a source told the news site. “Producers are having to prep him and do his homework for him. They’re trying to coach him and it’s not working.”

Well it looks like the coaching is working because Hollywood Life is reporting that Goldberg addressed the cast rumors during the May 21 episode of the show. The 59-year-old star said that they are trying to get Dave to be a permanent fixture.

A humble and thoughtful comedian at heart, Grohl lightened the mood in his thank-you to the Multi-Millionaire Rock Star community: “It’s a huge honor to be the first man on The View. What the hell took you so long?”

I feel the fireworks about to begin.


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