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Dave Grohl “Dude I saw his F***ing GHOST!” the Song That Changed The World

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

“The word Superstar gets thrown around too much. I mean I am only human. I like to think through me, every man could walk a mile in my shoes.” ~D Grohl

“The making of this record was incredible. Talent overload. This makes every other record ever made obsolete.”

Susan Releis, reporter for the Wisconsin Dell Tribune interviewed Dave and his family on the Log Flume Ride in the entertainment capital of central Wisconsin.

“Bro, I almost lost my family and my band over making this record. But it was totally worth it. The look on Mrs. Grohl’s face was priceless.”

“I was helping my neighbor Huey Lewis clean out his garage. I saw a box with some old VHS tapes, a little lamp, and the tape cassettes of Gun’s n Roses Use Your Illusion I & II. I was carrying them out to the dumpster when Huey yelled ‘Hey don’t throw that away. It’s got my We Are the World T-Shirt in there and I think my tapes of Use Your Illusion I&II.’

I asked Huey, What’s We Are the World?

 Dave Grohl's The Best, The Best, The Best Chicago Style Hot Dog stand will be opening a branch in Ethiopia in the spring of 2016.

Dave Grohl’s The Best, The Best, The Best Chicago Style Hot Dog stand will be opening a branch in Ethiopia in the spring of 2016.

Huey said “Back in the middle 80’s all the stars of the day recorded a middle of the road, pretentious, adult contemporary song to help the starving kids in Africa. It played all around the world at the same time”

“What happened then? I asked. Huey said, ummm. I dunno. We must have cured it. I never asked. Never heard another thing about it.”

“No Way! I said… This is freaky scary! When I was a kid I called Dionne Warwick’s Psychic Friends Hotline. She told me that someday I would be the voice of all Rock and Roll! Sure that happened, but then she said “And you will recut We Are the World…When you are ready call me back.

“I thought this would be a great idea, So thirty years later I called Dionne Warwick’s Psychic Friends hot line. She answered and I said “Call Lionel, Stevie, Garfunkel, The ‘You gotta know when to hold em’ dude, Steve Perry back when he was in Journey, Hall, and go ahead and invite Oates. See if Kim Carnes is available.”

“Dionne put me hold for at least three hours, at $2.99 a minute. Then she got back on and said, “I can’t get ahold of any of them. It’s up to you Dave Grohl, The voice of the everyday average Joe! Re write it, re record it. Pretend you are making a difference like we did when we made it”

“You don’t argue with Dionne Warwick or Lemmy”

“The next day I went in and pulled out the original tapes and re recorded my vocals and new lyrics over the original recording. Those 80’s guys are old now. They won’t know the difference. Plus I wanted to give it an updated sound.”

“Singing over the other guy’s parts went fine, but when I reworked the chorus Michael Jackson appeared! I swear I saw his F***ing Ghost! It kept appearing and waving his gloved finger at me every time I went to record over his vocals. So I didn’t record over his stuff. Ole’ Dave Grohl is down with the supernatural”

“Anyway I have no doubt, with my name on this record it’ll sell double what the original did.”

“I’m planning on having it played on every station in the world about 11:30 ish Central Time A week from Thursday. The 16th of July. We are the Grohl is gonna change the world and feed some bellies again…”

By the end of the interview everyone was soaked. Dave treated us to “the Best, The Best, The Best Chicago Style Hotdog” from his eatery in the Wisconsin Dells food court. ”

I’m gonna set one of these carts up in Ethiopia. I’m gonna sell these red hots for 10% over cost. Thats a deal. Especially if you are starving.”

Here is the worldwide premier of  We Are The Grohl. Share it with someone you love. Or would like to love. Or who was an influence on Nirvana. Don’t say I never pretended to do something for you.



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