Dave Grohl

Stereotype Your Wedding Planner Before It’s Too Late

From artist Clay Jones. I think I have found a partner in crime!



A lot of conservatives defense for Indiana’s Restoration Of Religious Freedom law is that it’s exactly like laws in other states and the federal law signed by Clinton in the 1990’s. Today Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson destroyed that argument by not signing a duplicate to Indiana’s and stating he wants one more like the federal law.

The federal law was not built to discriminate. It’s goal was to actually protect religious freedom. This law in Indiana is designed to discriminate. The law is not necessary. Nobody’s religious freedom is being violated. The only way anyone who’s honest can say the law is needed is that we need to discriminate in this country. Indiana governor Mike Pence his expressed himself in the past of being very homophobic and seeking laws designed to discriminate.
In addition to all the businesses that have come out against Indiana and Arkansas’ hate efforts, NASCAR has…

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