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Play the Indiana White Power Ball today! Because homosexuality is a choice, Just like anchovies.

That’s right. If’ you are a wiley redneck from Indiana, you too can be a millionaire!!!

All you have to do play the new Hoosier Lottery White Power Ball!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4!

  1. You must have at least a 4th Grade Education
  2. You must never have knowingly met a gay person, person of color, or a person of a different faith.
  3. You must believe everything is a choice; Homosexuality, being black, being some other religion besides a warped version of Christianity, choosing to be born in a different country, like Illinois, and Homosexuality.
  4. You love piping hot Memories Pizza! The Pizza that makes being a douchebag OK!

The Hoosier Lottery White Power Ball is easy and fun to play. Just say any old thing, especially if you are seriously misinformed, and wait as thousands of Americans decide to take the money they don’t want to pay in taxes and give it to the first idiot to say something bigoted.

Past winners have included;

  • Mel Gibson
  • Paula Dean
  • Don Imus
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter
  • The State of Alabama
  • Paris Hilton*  Paris was already rich and she might not be, but she did call a black person a racial slur once, According to Yahoo Answers. Don’t send her money. Instead Give it to a TV Evangelist Like Joel Osteen.
White Power Ball

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